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Frequently Asked Questions

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Alumatech Staff
Q. How can I extend the life of my strapping? ?
A. There is no real way to extend the life of the straps. Years ago, when the lead was taken out of gas, it was also taken out of vinyl. Without the lead in the vinyl, previously good vinyl colors, like browns and beiges, suddenly seemed to stain worse than usual. You may consider washing them with clear water or dawn dish soap after each use, and after heavy rain.

Q. Which strap colours are more susceptible to staining?
A. Some colors react much worse than others do, due to chemical staining. Chemical staining is caused from the interaction of the color pigments with chemicals found in the environment such as sun tan lotion, acid rain, salt water spray, pool chemicals, and out door pollutants. Some outdoor pollutants would be well water and certain types of trees etc. Reds seem to be the source of the worst problems. Some browns and beiges, but most of the peach, rose, mauve, red, burgundy and orange shades are the most susceptible to staining and deterioration. Blues, greens and yellows are less susceptible. White and off-white are the most durable of all colors.

Q.Why do the new straps seem looser than the straps on the older furniture?
A. Alumatech pool furniture is made from 100% virgin vinyl and is very supple. The suppleness is measured by durometer our vinyl is targeted at .90 durometer and at the end of a straps life it would measure 1.00 durometer or more. The hardness of the vinyl determines the elasticity and memory of the vinyl.
The elasticity is important to let the strap relax when you sit in the furniture and the term memory describes the process of the strap retuning to the original position. As the vinyl ages it becomes harder, so in order to achieve the life expectancy we are targeting we must begin with a softer durometer, than your older furniture.

Q. What do you mean by "White sale"?
A. We typically keep a large inventory of select items powder coated in white #201, we offer these at additionally discounted prices. These pieces tend to ship faster in our peak season.

Q.Do you have a minimum I can order?
A. Yes, unless you are buying a sample for a commercial order, you must buy at least 4 pieces.

Q. Does Alumatech, Best Patio Furniture, Wholesale pool furniture, have a factory showroom ?
A. We have a factory showroom that sells at true factory direct prices, actually located at our factory.

Q. How long is your shipping time?
A. Generally 2-3 weeks year round. We will advise you at the point of sale if our shipping time is different from the average.

Q. Who are your references?
A. Some of our notable accounts include Busch Garden's Theme Park and Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, Florida; Leona Helmsley's Sandcastle Resort in Sarasota, Florida, and more. We will be happy to provide a list of references geared for your area, on request.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Q. Is your furniture comfortable?
A. We went to great lengths when we researched and developed our products to make them comfortable, yet durable in the commercial market. Our vinyl and sling seats are much more comfortable than hard wood or metal.

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